Get the most out of your investment. Let us do the heavy lifting.

We recognize that our client’s needs are more sophisticated and complex in today’s business world. That’s why our Project Management and Installations teams are here to help implement projects with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.
We’re proud to offer the largest team of installers, who are all trained on our standards of excellence and professionalism to make your delivery and installation go smoothly. When you see a Custer truck on site, you can trust you’re working with highly qualified experts.


Operations Services

    Safety Program

Safety isn’t an afterthought for us—it’s our priority. We equip every on-site team member with the proper tools and personal protective equipment necessary to reduce unnecessary disruptions and safety risks.

    Installation Fleet

Custer’s meticulously organized fleet keeps your project on track. GPS fleet tracking on all Custer vehicles allows for efficiency in warehouse planning and ensures our vehicles and your products are kept safe and secure en route to their destination.

    Service + Warranty

Our staffed experts are available to you long after your project’s completion. With extensive product knowledge, they ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of your investment.

    Packing + Move Labor

We coordinate all details of a physical move by developing a simple move strategy and timeline to organize your team and assets. We also provide labor for packing and moving, including green packaging resources to reduce waste.

    Lean Principles

We rely on LEAN principles to drive quality and improvement standards throughout our entire operation. By implementing these practices, we’ve helped eliminate warehouse and field waste and make continual operational improvements.

    Recycling of Waste

We use reusable containers to reduce waste and recycle cardboard, metal and pallets from our warehouse and your job site — avoiding the landfills whenever possible.

Asset Management

Whether you have extra inventory or are relocating and need less furniture, we offer storage services to meet your needs.

Move + Relocation Management

Does your renovation include moving to a new facility? Together, we’ll work with you to develop your organization’s move strategy and timeline, while coordinating all aspects of the physical move. Take a look here to learn more about how we can help make your upcoming move hassle free.