• While our expertise was put to the test in regard to the unknowns of the workplace throughout the course of the last year, we made use of this time to turn the lens on ourselves – examining how COVID-19 would affect our business, our culture, and the overall built environment.

    We didn’t guess what our employees wanted or needed.
    We asked questions and conducted research, ultimately preparing ourselves to give a voice to all of you – those of you going to work each day, working to strengthen and build local businesses.


    Here’s what we learned.


    Our belief in the significance of
    office space to an organization,
    and to a community, remains.

    While the hybrid work model is here to stay, we know that there are certain business activities that are just done better in the physical office space rather than remote.

    So we surveyed leaders and employees multiple times throughout the year to check the pulse on key topics that were impacting our workforce.

    Through making observations that would, in turn, inform our approach to design, we’re using what we’ve learned to help you, our clients, begin reimagining your own spaces.

    Applying this internal feedback, we developed the following steps any organization can take to revitalize the ways in which we come together and how we productively work while we are apart.



    Four Key Principles to Returning to a Better Workplace

    • Harness Home and Hospitality

    • Support Teamwork and Me-Work

    • Embrace Technology and Togetherness

    • Flexibility is the Future

    Back to better

    The cumulation of placing the lens on our own organization resulted in an integrated pilot space within our existing real estate.
    We built an integrated workplace to revitalize the ways in which our team comes together and
    how we productively work while we are apart.

    Welcome to the Phoenix Nest

    This new pilot space located at our downtown Grand Rapids headquarters is designed and built to change as we measure and observe users’ experiences.
    See how we transformed this space 

    Is your business ready to return to the workplace?

    If you’re looking for guidance in how to get employees back to the workplace, please take a moment to answer the following questions. A member of our experienced team will be in touch with you to create your organization’s custom Workplace Reengagement Plan – starting with a free 1-hour consultation.

    Is your organization preparing to return employees to the workplace? *
    Have employee concerns about reentering the workplace been captured or surveyed? *
    Is your organization prepared to make modifications to create a more cohesive environment for employees? *
    Are you prepared to reengage your workforce in a smarter, safer way? *