Family Health Center Announces Completion of New Clinic

Family Health Center and Custer Inc. announced today the completion of the new clinic located on Alcott Street in Kalamazoo’s Edison neighborhood. Custer provided design services for the Family Health Center, as well as furniture for offices, lobbies and the break room.

“The Family Health Center serves a critical role in providing quality healthcare for the uninsured and under-insured residents of Kalamazoo County,” said Custer Healthcare Team Leader Megan Kuzma. “The Custer team is honored to help the Family Health Center design a space that is welcoming, friendly and easy to navigate for patients. We look forward to seeing how this new health clinic makes a positive impact in the community.”

The three-story clinic has 24 exam rooms, 25 operational rooms and has the capacity to serve 30,000 patients. The clinic’s lower level has occupational therapy and physical therapy offices, the main floor has a pharmacy and dental offices, and the third level has general health and pediatrics offices. Architecture services were provided by Eckert Wordell and construction by CSM Group.

Family Health Center has seven locations in Kalamazoo and Portage. They offer pediatric and general family health, dental health and behavioral health services. Family Health Center has provided 105,000 healthcare visits across its seven locations to date.

“Custer did an amazing job designing a space that creates a positive and welcoming environment for our patients and visitors,” said Family Health Center CEO and President Denise Crawford. “We are delighted to have the expertise of Custer’s design team and look forward to serving the Edison neighborhood this spring.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Custer’s design team for over 10 years. The forward thinking design skill, detailed product knowledge and personalized customer service is second to none. Whenever I launch a new multi-million dollar project, my first call is to Custer,” said Crawford.

The Alcott Street location will open on Thursday, April 20. Learn more about Custer’s healthcare design services at

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