Grand Rapids Business Journal on Custer's Workplace Reengagement Services

Custer Inc. is offering an array of COVID-19 response services to help employers make short- and long-term physical and “culture-shifting” changes in the workplace.

The Grand Rapids-based Steelcase dealer and workplace design firm said it worked to create a “workplace re-engagement plan” in April and May to help clients address health and safety concerns and changes needed in the workplace due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In partnership with its affiliated/subsidiary companies Renegade, Century Professional Flooring & Cleaning and CS Erickson, Custer developed a six-component services package it is now providing to businesses of any size, a la carte.

The six components include Renegade’s privacy and safety solutions, including design and build of “uniquely tailored” solutions that fit into an existing workstation layout, such as screens and protective barriers; Century’s sanitation and disinfection services, including daily fogging using EPA-approved cleaning agents; work-from-home Steelcase furniture packages; CS Erickson’s hardware and software technology solutions to support virtual collaborative work; space planning consultation and adjustment services by Custer designers; and change management guidance from Custer’s Prosci-certified experts to help organizations successfully adopt new protocols and adjust to new ways of being.

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