Watch: WZZM and Custer Discuss New Newsroom and Office Trends

Upon the completion of their renovated newsroom, WZZM 13 hosted Custer’s Director of Design and Director of Branding to see the space and explore new office trends. As one of the designers on the WZZM newsroom, Amy Peceny explains the design intent for the updated space. “The first thing we did was figure out workflow, because what you had before wasn’t really functioning and working as you needed,” Amy said of the old newsroom. “And that’s to be expected for someplace that hasn’t been renovated in twenty years.”

The renovated newsroom is a more open and collaborative environment, with the assignment desk in the center of the action. WZZM’s brand colors are incorporated throughout, and are complemented by fresh updates like the wood wall behind the assignment desk.

With the update to their workspace, WZZM also asked the Custer team about new office trends. Natalia Connelly shared Custer’s recent announcement regarding our partnership with Orangebox, including the offering of Orangebox’s Air3 Pod. The pod offers organizations an innovative, flexible room that can evolve to meet the needs of the surrounding work environment, making it a competitive product for engaging interiors.

“For a long time people worked in cubicles, and realized that wasn’t really working—not for collaboration, not for dialogue, and not for employee engagement,” Natalia said. “So the pendulum kind of swung to an open work environment, and as noise levels rose they found that that wasn’t working either. So the pendulum settled in the middle, and we’re finding a combination of both. We like to say an ecosystem of spaces.”

An ecosystem of spaces represents the latest in office trends, including integrated technology, areas for collaboration, and zones for private work.

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